CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Police said an 11-year-old boy threatened to shoot his classmate at Canfield Village Middle School last week. The ordeal led to disciplinary action for an employee, too.

The victim’s parents said their son was in a home economics class on Thursday and put a dish in the sink to be washed.

They said the boy, who was washing the dishes, got mad at their son for putting another dirty dish in the sink.

The boy threatened to shoot their son several times in the head with his mother’s gun, according to a police report.

The son said the boy told him he knows where his mother’s gun is and how many bullets are in it, according to the report.

Officers talked to the teacher, who said students came up to her after class to tell her about the threat. She said she let the assistant principal know right away.

Police also talked to other students in the class who witnessed what happened. Officers said those students confirmed the boy had threatened to shoot their classmate.

The boy’s mother told investigators she has a gun in the house for protection, but the boy doesn’t have access to it and doesn’t know how to handle it. She told them he has never fired a gun.

Police said the mother told them the boy has been in fights before but has never used a weapon.

Officers talked to the boy, who said he doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

He said he wasn’t talking about a real gun, but a nail gun that he was going to write about in an English assignment, according to the police report.

The boy told police his classmates must have been confused or made up the story, the report states.

The assistant principal told police he’s gotten reports of this same boy making threats with a gun before.

He said two days before the home economics incident, students heard the boy talking on the phone with his brother, saying, “I will grab mommy’s gun. Don’t tell anyone if you see bullet holes in the window.”

No charges have been filed but police submitted the case to Mahoning County Juvenile Court. They’re recommending a charge of aggravated menacing.

Canfield School District said it’s taking disciplinary action against an employee. It’s not saying who that employee is.

Superintendent Alex Geordan said all district administrators will get more training on threat assessment.