CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – An Akron-area woman is facing charges in Canfield, accused of being involved in an online puppy scam.

Asia Wilcox, 28, faces charges of telecommunications fraud and theft. Police arrested her on a warrant on Friday.

According to a police report, an investigation began on May 1 after a woman reported that she was scammed out of $200 after contacting a seller about a listing for a puppy online. The woman told Canfield police that she sent $200 via Venmo to reserve the puppy but she said the seller canceled their appointment prior to when they were supposed to meet.

The victim said she questioned the seller because the address that she provided did not match the name on the auditor’s website, and she found the same video of the puppies on YouTube that were listed for sale, the report stated.

The victim said the seller never responded to her text and then blocked her phone number.

According to the report, officers were able to track Wilcox down through the phone number and Venmo account used during the transaction. In addition, police said Wilcox made two listings on the puppy website for two different breeds of dogs.

Police said through their investigation, they identified another victim in the scam.

Wilcox appeared in court Tuesday but entered no plea to the charges. She is scheduled to appear in court again on Aug. 26.