CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Back in September, we told you about a little girl from Canfield who lost her battle to brain cancer.

Four-year-old Melina Edenfield passed away in June from an inoperable brain tumor.

Melina’s father, who is the principal at Lisbon High School, and her mother created a foundation in their daughter’s memory called the Melina Michelle Edenfield Foundation. The motto for the foundation is “Choose Joy.”

In the first six months of its creation, the foundation is already making a change on a national level, and it’s raised thousands of dollars through community fundraisers. All the money goes to research for childhood cancer.

“I will never understand why it had to happen, but I can say what has come from it. I just think she is making people better,” said Michelle Edenfield, Melina’s mother. “I truly believe that Melina, as generous as people are and as hard as we’ve been fighting, I believe that Melina is controlling all of this. I really do,”

And because of the incredible support, the foundation has now partnered with the DIPG Collaborative, which fights childhood cancer on a national level.

“I want people to know that every penny that has been donated is going directly to research in some way, shape or form, either at the national level or more locally with Akron Childrens,” said Keith Edenfield, Melina’s father.

As a part of this collaboration, Melina’s family will now be part of clinical trials and symposiums
with the world’s leading doctors.

“Through Melina and through the foundation, the Mahoning Valley has a voice at the national level,” Keith Edenfield said.

And just like she would want, Melina’s parents say they won’t stop until a cure is found.

“She definitely keeps giving us the strength to fight – for her,” Keith Edenfield said.