CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – A family has spoken out after police used a stun gun on a man with autism who faces multiple charges after he kicked two police officers, bit a victim three times and then tried to bite officers, according to a police report.

Police reported to the 500 block of Blueberry Hill Drive just before 10:30 a.m. last Sunday for the report of a domestic incident.

When police arrived on scene, they said they heard screaming inside the house.

An officer on scene approached suspect William Hudock, who kicked the officer in the vest and ran away, according to the report.

When police caught up to Hudock, he was “sinking his teeth” into the arm of a victim, according to the report.

Reports say police told Hudock to stop and he did not. Police then used a stun gun on Hudock. He then fell to the ground.

After Hudock was handcuffed, he tried to bite an officer and then spit on him, police said. He also attempted to headbutt the officer, according to the report.

While walking to the police car, Hudock also kicked another officer in the knee, according to the report.

When police talked to the victim, they found fresh bite marks on his chest and back.

Hudock’s family released this statement to First News on Sunday:

“We want the community to know that the police report in the news article online failed to mention that our family member, William Hudock, is autistic and struggles with mental illness.

We do not understand why law enforcement chose to tase him knowing that he has a disability that impairs his ability to comprehend social situations and was facing a mental health crisis. We strongly oppose this course of action towards any person struggling with disabilities and mental illness.

We believe that all law enforcement agencies and first responders would benefit from additional training to help these individuals when they are in crisis.

We ask for kindness and grace from the community at this time and as we navigate the healing process.”

The Hudocks

Hudock faces charges of assault on a peace officer and domestic violence. He pleaded not guilty in court on Tuesday and is due back in court this coming Tuesday for his pretrial.