CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – A local family of farmers are some of the new faces you’ll see at this year’s Canfield Fair.

Pidgeon Family Farms is a fifth-generation family farm based in Columbiana County, but this year is its first at the fair. They decided they wanted to have a presence at the fair to educate people on farming.

“We just want to get people familiar with agriculture, because I think a lot of people don’t fully understand how it works,” said Taylor Pidgeon, of Pidgeon Family Farms. “We have the equipment here to show you how it takes it out of the field, and we just want to get the consumer more incorporated with the farming industry.”

The family brought several pieces of farm equipment to teach people about the “farm to table” concept. There’s even an enormous combine on display that people can register to win a ride on.

“A farmer is the only person you need three times a day,” said Pidgeon. “You might need a doctor once a month, but you need a farmer for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Without that, you can’t survive.”

But teaching people agriculture isn’t the only reason they’re set up at the fair. Pidgeon says they also want to strengthen the farming industry by buying or renting anyone’s land to help produce more food.

“We are an operation that is constantly expanding, and we are trying to stay competitive to keep it around for generations to come,” said Pidgeon. “We don’t like to see the ground go to housing developments. We’d rather see it continue to be farmed. A lot of people really do want that. They don’t want a house on top of their house right out in the country. We are trying to offer people high pay to rent the ground, and we’ll pay top dollar to buy ground.”

Pidgeon Family Farms is located in the southwest corner of the Canfield Fairgrounds between gates eight and nine.