CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – The Steel Valley Cluster is happening at the Canfield Fairgrounds.

The dog show brings contestants from all over the country. Dogs and their trainers go through judging as well as competing in different agility events

One event is called the “Fast Cat” and has dogs chase after a lure over a 100-yard course, comparing times against similar breeds.

“It’s pretty nice to watch to see dogs go full tilt for 100 yards,” said Phil Thomas, show chairman.

Rachel Wisnoski and her Great Dane Avalon enter about 50 shows like this a year.

“I love doing it, and she loves doing it. She has fun and that’s what is most important. She knows she is going to get a big treat as the end of it and for her, that’s the best thing,” Wisnoski said.

Organizers have been holding dog shows at the fairgrounds for over 25 years. The kennel clubs for the Mahoning and Shenango valleys, Columbiana and Beaver counties and Steubenville all came together calling this show one of the best outdoor dog show venues in the country.

“The care they take. Everything is mowed, neat roads. A lot of places are done in open fields where it’s no roads,” Thomas said.

For Jessica Dunn and her Belgian Malinois Zeni,c, the competitions mean twice-daily training sessions and a lot of travel.

“I compete all over the country and out of the country in various sports, including this one. I do the same thing every weekend, pretty much,” Dunn said.

The show runs through this Sunday. Admission is $5.