CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) — A museum in Canfield is keeping history alive.

Founded in 1988, the War Vet Museum honors those who served in the U.S. military.

“Everything in here has a history behind it,” said Doug Speece with the War Vet Museum.

With four floors and over 40,000 artifacts, the museum is a family affair for the Speeces. Doug runs it alongside his wife and three children.

It was first started by his parents, Lew and Joyce Speece. His dad was a World War II veteran who served in a Marines Tank Battalion.

Doug said when news of the museum first spread, donations came flooding in.

“My dad’s era, WWII veterans and stuff, people he knew, I mean it just started pouring in once he opened it up,” Speece said.

All items at the museum are donated, not bought or sold. Speece said it was important to his father to get all generations involved in learning about the history.

To celebrate Veterans Day, they have two busloads of kids coming to the museum.

“We do a lot of school tours. He wanted the kids to get involved in it and the museum’s perfect because there’s a lot of hands-on stuff they can pick up and look at and touch,” Speece said.

There’s one big takeaway Speece hopes people leave the museum with.

“The history of everything. Remember everything that happened so it doesn’t get repeated again,” Speece said.

The War Vet Museum houses artifacts from the Revolutionary War to the modern day War on Terror.