Canfield explores tax abatements for new homeowners, opponents speak up

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City leaders created a community reinvestment plan

CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – City leaders in Canfield developed a plan to attract more businesses and more people to move to the city.

City leaders created a community reinvestment plan to revitalize business near the town’s green and attract more people to the city. Mayor Duffett said he wants to bring Canfield back to where it was when he was growing up.

“When I grew up in Canfield, we had a lot more commerce in the downtown area. So, trying to attract business here was one of the reasons we looked at that,” Duffett said.

Part of the plan gives tax breaks to new home construction, which threatens funding for the schools.

The community and school board attended Wednesday’s council meeting to voice their concerns.

“The proposed abatement for residential new construction housing in the city will have a devastating impact on the survival of our schools, our students, their families and our community as a whole,’ said Traci DeCapua

Some saw the impacts of a similar plan put into action in Columbiana and had concerns about its benefits for Canfield.

“Everything is going to be run off of tax money, so this growth that Columbiana has experienced probably brought zero money to their town,” said one resident. “I don’t know that you need any type of tax abatement to bring anyone to Canfield.”

Residents also know that demand to live in Canfield hasn’t decreased, so they believe incentives aren’t needed.

“Demand in Canfield I don’t think has ever been the issue,” said another resident.

Mayor Duffett and the rest of the city council were moved by their community and tabled any further action on residential tax abatements.

Duffett feels that new developments in the area will be enough to keep interest in Canfield.

“With LG Chem coming, with Lordstown Motors coming and people moving to Canfield anyway because of our schools and our safety, that’s not going to be necessary for residential,” he said.

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