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Salem doctor encourages fruits and vegetables at Thanksgiving

Dr. Mike Sevilla from the Family Practice Center of Salem gives his tips

(WKBN) - Thanksgiving is on Thursday.

With the holiday on the way so is stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and of course, turkey.

With plenty of food -- and calories -- on everyone's minds, Dr. Mike Sevilla from the Family Practice Center of Salem has some holiday tips to keep you healthy.

  • One-third of your plate should be fruits and vegetables. These foods can help control hunger and supply adequate nutrients.
  • Use a small plate. Researchers at Cornell University found a 30% reduction in plate size can lead to an aver 30% reduction in food the person eats.
  • Save your calories for your main meal.
  • Focus on lean protein.
  • Consume moderate fat.
  • Reduce the number of complex carbohydrates you eat.
  • Don't skip exercise or exercise more than normal. If you try to overexercise before eating, you can end up eating more. 
  • Don't stress over everything too much.