Ohio Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Mike DeWine joined local leaders downtown on Thursday to talk about the future of Youngstown.

Among the panelists at Choffin Career and Technical Center were Maurice Clarett and Mahoning County Educational Service Center Superintendent Ron Iarussi, along with addiction specialists. They discussed addiction, recovery, workforce development and how all of that can be tied to local schools.

One of their ideas was introducing more career-based classes so kids can find more direction in life.

“Young people who you’re training and they’re in a career center, well, if that career center has a relationship with the local business community, then there may be an internship available or an apprenticeship available to get that person in,” DeWine said.

Clarett talked about how his program, The Red Zone, is working with kids to guide them down the right path. He also told stories from his past, when he went through his own struggles.

Another Ohio governor hopeful, Joe Schiavoni, held a press conference in Youngstown with Representative Michele Lepore-Hagan ahead of DeWine’s visit.

The Democratic candidate expressed frustration with DeWine, saying he hasn’t affected change for people in the Valley.

Schiavoni said he, on the other hand, has experience in taking action on issues that impact the community, like drugs and schools.

“When these other politicians are coming into communities and acting like they’re having listening tours after they’ve been in politics for 40 years, they should have a plan by now.”

He said folks need to ask DeWine questions about his politics.