Candidate for Ohio governor visits fair, talks drug possession issue

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With so many people in one place, politicians have been using the Canfield Fair to connect with voters.

Richard Cordray, who is running for governor of Ohio, is the latest candidate to stop by the fair. Many wanted to get a picture with him when he was there on Monday.

Cordray supports State Issue 1, a controversial amendment that some politicians and law enforcement in Ohio oppose. The proposal would make all nonviolent drug possession cases misdemeanors.

We wanted to know why Cordray supports it.

“Putting people in prison and putting a felony on their record when they have a problem of addiction to drugs is not the right answer,” he said. “It’s the most expensive place to put people, it’s the least humane place to put people and it’s the least productive place. We need to boost drug treatment programs in our local communities. That’s where the funding should go and that is what this measure would do.”

Critics of Issue 1 say it would eliminate prison time as an incentive to get people to sign up for drug treatment programs.

Mahoning County Sheriff Jerry Greene said Issue 1 would lessen the effect of law enforcement, making even fentanyl possession a misdemeanor.

Other politicians from both sides of the aisle, including U.S. Sen. Rob Portman and State Sen. Joe Schiavoni, also stopped in at the fair over the past week.

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