(WKBN) – The snow is going to be here to stay for a while, so is it safe to let your dog play in it?

Animal Charity of the Mahoning Valley said it’s OK for dogs to play in the snow, as long as the owner is home.

The agency is asking residents with dogs that live outside to have them come in when the weather gets cold.

A dog with short hair tends to get colder faster, while a dog with more hair might be able to handle it better. 

Jane MacMurchy, with Animal Charity, said as long as they’re monitored, everything should be fine.

“But as an owner, you just do your part and monitor them, check on them, keep an eye on them, make sure their paws aren’t getting too cold and use your best judgment,” she said.

In Youngstown, it’s illegal to have a dog tied up outside for over an hour or when the animal owner isn’t there.