Can you recycle wrapping paper, Christmas cards? The Green Team explains

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You can recycle a gift bag if you remove the strings or handle

(WKBN) – A few weeks ago, WKBN told you that the Green Team will take cardboard boxes at its drop-off locations. They can be recycled, just not curbside.

Now that you’re getting ready to open presents, the Green Team wants to remind you about what to do with Christmas wrapping paper and holiday cards you got in the mail.

Simple papers can be recycled too, but not if they have glitter or anything dangling from them.

Remove the ribbon and don’t recycle foil wrap.

Many people will collect wrapping paper in a plastic bag while opening presents and wonder if they can drop that off at a recycling location.

“Never, ever, ever put a plastic bag into one of our bins. You cannot recycle plastic bags at our drop-off sites. You cannot recycle plastic bags at the curb. No plastic bags. In fact, that’s what’s called a tangler,” said Kim Lewis with the Green Team.

It tangles up the machine. Most often, they’ll take the plastic bag and throw its contents away. You can put those items in a brown paper bag, though.

You can recycle a gift bag if you remove the strings or handle.

For a list of recycling sites, call the Green Team at 330-740-2080 or visit their website.

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