YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Many Valley residents who receive SNAP benefits are going to see a reduction beginning March 1.

The last COVID-19 emergency allotment for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program will be at the end of February.

In January, 673,063 Ohio households received the allotment, getting $126 million to help feed their families.

Mahoning County had 23,444 households receiving SNAP benefits, assisting 45,257 individuals.
Trumbull County had 45,746 people dependent on SNAP benefits. In both counties, that’s over 20% of the population.

If you receive food assistance, you can request a hearing on the amount of your food assistance at any time during your certification period, according to Ohio Job and Family Services. Your first step is with your local office.

While you can’t appeal the COVID-19 emergency allotment reduction, you can ask for a re-evaluation of your circumstances if there is a change that you want the state to know about. This can be done with a state hearing by telephone or in person.

A state hearing is a meeting with you, someone from your local county agency, and a hearing officer from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. At this meeting, you can say why you think your benefit should be changed.

To ask for a hearing, call or write your local agency or write to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, Bureau of State Hearings, PO Box 182825, Columbus, Ohio 43218-2825.

The hearing officer will review the facts and recommend a decision.

You can read more about the appeal process in Ohio online.