CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) — Campbell’s new mayor has big plans for the city, including cleaning it up and attracting more businesses to the area. The best part — he said it shouldn’t cost the taxpayers any money.

“We want to clean up the City of Campbell. I know we can be poor, but we don’t have to be dirty,” said Mayor Bryan Tedesco.

There are still remnants of what once was the lifeblood of the Valley: steel mills.

“Close to 60 acres of property we have in the Brownfield area, we would like to develop. We haven’t developed it. It’s been cleaned, shovel ready, ready to go. So now we just have to get the electric, the gas, the water down there,” Tedesco said.

He said they hope to have some of those changes done within the next two years, paid for by grants.

To attract more businesses, he wants to offer initial tax breaks.

“Say you put up a $6 million building, we can give them 70% of a tax abetment for 10 years,” Tedesco said.

Tearing down close to 70 condemned houses is part of the city-wide rejuvenation.

“The old Sheet and Tube homes. They need to be looked at. See if they are safe to live in but it’s been abandoned, a lot of fires down there,” Tedesco said. “A burned-out house, do you want that next to you? Or do you want a nice house next to you. If not, green grass is better.”

After those houses are torn down, Tedesco said neighbors will have the opportunity to buy those plots cheap from the land bank.