CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) — Campbell’s mayor hopes a new agreement with local ambulance companies will help improve service in his city and others nearby.

Recently the city set aside space in its fire department to house a private ambulance and provide quarters for paramedics to stay in between calls.

The mayor says the city simply can’t afford to ask taxpayers to pay more to support an ambulance for the fire department, hoping this arrangement will make a difference.

“If it wasn’t for Lanes, Med-Star being here and us opening up the fire hall for ’em, we couldn’t do it. So I’m glad that they’re here but I know that they’re a little short, and sometimes it might take a little bit longer but our fire department’s there constantly,” said Mayor Brian Tedesco.

Recently Campbell and other communities have had trouble finding enough ambulances to answer all EMS calls. Currently, city firefighters respond to all medical calls until paramedics can arrive.