An empty lot that was once filled with trash and debris is now full of plants and life all thanks to a Campbell woman with a love for gardening.

“It makes it looks nicer, it’s not an empty lot, it’s not a lot that somebody put junk in,” said Teach Haddock.

We first spoke to Teah Haddock back in March when someone was dumping trash in the empty lot next to her home. Thankfully, Campbell Mayor Bryan Tedesco came out and helped get the lot clean. Now, Haddock owns the lot and has made a major transformation.

“From a junk lot, into a garden. This is the first year, I have a lot of pumpkins, and zucchini, this is green beans, five varieties of green beans, and corn, and herbs, and blueberries, and tomatoes, and peppers,” she said.

She calls it “Teah’s Garden of Joy.”

Haddock specializes in horticulture and was even a horticulture therapist. 

“About 20 years ago, I had gone through a course and became a master gardener, then I was so excited with that, that I got a degree in horticulture from Kent State Salem,” she said.

Haddock says being out gardening brings her lots of happiness. 

“I’m just so overwhelmed because for two years I was so sick I couldn’t do it, and every attempt I made during that two years just turned out to be such a failure and it was so disappointing. I doubted if I still had it, and this year came and I’m like rejuvenated,” she said.

Next year she plans to expand it even more.