CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) — The city of Campbell is looking at exploring a stricter no-tether ordinance that would prevent pets from being chained outside. The city invited community members to share their opinions on the ordinance.

Dozens of community members — many with their dogs — gathered in Roosevelt Park in Campbell to talk about the ordinance.

The current ordinance allows tethering except for severe weather events as long as that tether is three times the length of the animal, swivels and isn’t too heavy.

Campbell Police officer Jim Conroy is spearheading the effort to change that.

“So is that a way to live, for an animal to have three feet of space if it’s a one-foot long dog?” said Conroy.

The new ordinance would ban tethering a dog outside for any period of time — though officer Conroy said police don’t want to use that to penalize responsible dog owners.

The goal is to make it easier for police to rescue dogs that are in unsafe conditions.

‘We could remove that dog right away and that’s what it would allow us to do. We’re not going to do that on any dog on a tether as I explained before — you know, 25 miles an hour, we’re looking for the people driving 75,” said Conroy.

Some community members said they wanted even stricter ordinances that would ban people from kenneling or housing their dogs outside.

“Is there a way or a thought to incorporate or encompass, I hate to say it, just having a dog outside?” said owner of Pet Lodge USA of Boardman Scott McCuskey.

Some even traveled to Campbell from other communities, like Amanda Hebert who is trying to get a similar ordinance passed in Warren.

“I would love to see this spread out to more communities within the Mahoning Valley, within the state, within the nation,” said Hebert.

Campbell City Council must hold three readings of the ordinance before it can be voted on — but third ward councilman Joe Mazzocca says he is confident the ordinance will pass.

“As long as we got the three votes, and I do believe we had three guys here today that were going to say yes, and I’m pretty sure the other two will say yes also,” said Mazzocca.