CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) – As the investigation continues into a crash that disrupted a fundraising motorcycle run, Campbell City Law Director Brian Macala says he is hearing rumblings from the community that the case is taking too long.

“That there have bee some concerns about the length of time that the investigation has taken,” Macala said.

The incident happened a little over two months ago as hundreds were taking part in the annual Teddy Foltz Memorial event.

State Troopers say 65-year-old Gloria Dothard, of Lowelleville, turned in front of some of the cycles along Route 616 in Coitsville, and several collided with her car.

Macala said investigators are still waiting for toxicology results on the driver and the victims to be completed.

“Not all of them are back yet. We are expecting that we will probably have them in about 30 days, so it will be a period of time until we can come to final conclusions,” Macala said.

The time lag is not unusual, Macala explained, saying that results typically take three to four months and sometimes even longer. He added that he understands the pain the victims have gone through.

“We have a great amount of sympathy for them, but the circumstances are that I also have to look at it from the legal side of things,” Macala said.

Last week, Dothard made a plea to a traffic charge in the case. Macala said since then, he has asked the judge to throw that out while the investigation continues.

Macala said he does not believe the outcome of the traffic citation will affect any criminal charges that could still be filed.