CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) — Temperatures will be dropping as we get closer to winter, and a man in Campbell wants to make sure everyone who needs warm clothing has it.

Councilman Joe Mazzocca organized a coat drive collection Saturday at Roosevelt Park. He also collected other cold weather essentials like gloves, hats and socks.

Mazzocca said the event was actually started back in 2014 by close friend Tony Vavlas, who has since passed away.

The councilman says Vavlas is his inspiration for continuing the coat drive.

“He was a great guy, heart of gold,” Mazzocca said. “He started this, and we need to keep going, so we’re trying.”

Mazzocca said he will now take all of the items he collected and donate them to a group called Youngstown Blue Coats, which will distribute them to people in need.

T.J. Renninger contributed to this report.