CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) – Akron Children’s Hospital has opened up a pediatric primary care office in Campbell. It is located inside the Community Literacy Workforce and Cultural Center.

“Really exciting opportunity for us to open up a new office in this area. Akron Children’s was excited to come here and I think it’s going to give us a good opportunity to help serve the area,” said Laurie McGlynn, a certified nurse practitioner.

The facility has only been open for a couple of days. However, leaders from Akron Children’s have been aware that pediatric services are needed in the area.

“We offer regular well care. We have interpretive services here a couple of days a week for our Spanish-speaking population. We also have interpretive services for all other non-English speaking languages,” McGlynn said.

McGlynn says they are excited to have behavioral health come to their office once a week.

“So we see sick visits, well visits, school physicals, sports physicals, anything else that you would need,” she said.

McGlynn discussed what makes Akron Children’s unique.

“We have MyChart where patients are able to make their own appointments online but they can also stay in close contact with their providers and nursing services where they can send us messages and we can give them feedback,” she said.

McGlynn says their patients also have the ability to use an online consultation where they can get opinions from specialists and receive a quicker response.

“I do think that we are steering a little bit more towards using online services. However, we are always available in the office and willing to see the patient in person,” she said.

The office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.