A  school mascot is a staple for any sports team, a figure people in the community can stand behind.
That’s exactly how Campbell fans feel.

The Campbell Red Devils’ mascot is on every fire truck, until now.

A memory and a silhouette on a window is all that’s left of some decals on Campbell city vehicles.

Mayor Nick Phillips ordered all decals that don’t represent the city be removed from the vehicles. That would be superhero logos and the Campbell Red Devil mascot.

“I had it removed because I don’t need cartoon characters or images representing the city of Campbell. That doesn’t represent our city,” Phillip said.

“It’s not a cartoon character, it’s a mascot, it’s a difference,” Candace Connelly said.

Some neighbors feel the superhero logos can go, but the Red Devil mascot should be untouchable

“Nobody from the public came to me and complained, so I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Phillip said.

While they didn’t go to him and complain, we went out in Campbell to see how people really felt.

“I don’t agree with it and that’s not fair. That’s support for the school and kids,” Connelly said. 

Candace Connelly used to live in Campbell and has a niece that goes to Campbell High School

But, Mayor Phillips has another reason why he removed the decals.

“I had it removed because I can and I made an executive decision to do so… Period,” he said.

“That shows the kids people in authority figures can do what they want. People in power can do what they want and that seems to me what he’s doing, doing what he wants,” Connelly said. 

Cleaning up the department and having a new image is all the Mayor says he wants.

“We’re not Marvel Comics here, you know this is… You know I’m trying to run a professional organization here, this is our city and this is how we’re going to do it,” Phillips said. 

Connelly and some other neighbors still don’t see why the mascot has to be taken off.

“What harm is it doing being on our cruisers… It’s community support and to me it’s selfish,” Connelly said.