CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) — The Archangel Michael Greek Orthodox Church usually hosts their food and wine festival in February or March. But this year they’re celebrating on Mother’s Day weekend — making it possible for many families to come together at a much larger table.

This congregation boasts close to 650 families.

“Two of my grandchildren danced. Two are too young. This is my son. It’s just a big family affair. The kids see us working and they want to come and work,” said organizer Irene Kalouris.

Many of those families have spent the past two months preparing for the Greek Festival.

“All the women of the parish get together and cook and prepare all the foods and pastries,” said parish council organizer Charlie Pizanias.

“I spent Mother’s Day here but we don’t care. We work so much we’re so dedicated to our church that it didn’t bother us. We are happy,” Kalouris said.

The kids were happy to put on a show doing traditional Greek dances.

“We’re going to do Zorba, Pentozali,” said 13-year-old Steven Badurik.

“The Pentozali –the leader of the group holds their hand up and they do tricks. Spins, moves everything,” said dancer Iraklis “Hercules” Lyras.

“I used to do it because my mom would make me but now that I’m growing up I understand it more being a part of my community and culture,” said dancer Yianni Koullias.

“When we dance I feel like we can express ourselves but it’s a way to connect with our community,” said dancer Fotini Pizanias.

But the food keeps people coming back year after year, since 1955.