CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – A local state lawmaker says he’s giving back to the local community, putting some of his campaign contributions to work for the city of Canfield.

Representative Al Cutrona handed over a $25,000 check to cover the costs of purchasing and equipping the department’s new dog, which is being trained to sniff out explosives.

“I was able to fund this through Al Cutrona for Ohio and was able to give a check to the Canfield FOP,” Cutrona said. “We have the largest county fair in the state of Ohio right here in Canfield and Ohio and this is also the central geographical location of the county.”

Canfield Chief Chuck Colucci said the K-9, named after Cutrona, will be the third assigned to his officers and also the third bomb dog in Mahoning County. It’s expected to get a lot of work dealing with threats against local schools and other situations where more than one animal could be used.

“It’s just another attempt to do everything we can to keep everybody safe,” Colucci said.

During his time in office, Cutrona said he’s made other donations using his campaign funds for other charities and non-profit organizations like the Canfield Rotary, which is building a new gazebo on the Village Green.

Cutrona’s challenger Bruce Neff calls the donation “commendable” but also claims it runs counter to the lawmaker’s voting record.

“The fact of concealed carry. He was a sponsor of that bill and some other things that he’s done are not in the best interest of our safety forces,” Neff said.

For his part, Cutrona says he’s just trying to give back to the community