EAST PALESTINE, Ohio (WKBN) – Business has been tough in East Palestine for three months. But a success story is ready to emerge. It centers around a meat business that’s been on the selling block and nearly the chopping block.

Duane Doyle was cutting sirloin tip roast today, a popular item at Doyle’s Fresh Meats. He sold the business last night at auction.

“I’m happier for the community than I am personally, but I’m pretty happy for myself, too,” he said.

Doyle is ecstatic that the store will stay open, and Rich Kaufman will keep cutting stew meat for the weekly specials. The sale probably saved him from making a tough decision next month related to staying in business. The new owner is a local person who will take over in July.

“They’re actually planning on expanding it getting offered services that we don’t offer,” Doyle said.

Doyle will stay behind the counter, cut meat, and be a consultant. Seventeen years ago, he realized the store was something needed in East Palestine. He feels families come together over the food they eat, and he wanted to provide fresh meats and deli items.

“You find your places to go. Someplace that you count on that’s reliable. You want a good steak for the family get-together. You want a good roast,” Doyle said.

Fifty-one years in the meat business. Doyle has seen plenty. Business dropped up to 50% after the derailment but has climbed halfway back. His approach with the butcher’s knife will stay the same, as he assumes a consultant’s role under the new ownership. He sees Grade A days ahead.

“I think everything’s gonna come around eventually. It’s gonna take some time,” Doyle said.

He saw details on the Annika Fore East Palestine Golf Outing and was ecstatic at its success for the community. He’s glad he’s sticking around for the village’s comeback.