Busy hospitals want patients to choose facilities based on level of care they need

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The region's hospitals remain busy treating the coronavirus

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A big change from the CDC was announced about how long people exposed to COVID-19 should quarantine. The CDC adjusted its guideline Wednesday with alternatives.

Isolations can end after 10 days without a COVID test if the person has no symptoms, or after seven days with a negative COVID test and no symptoms.

Mercy Health Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Jim Kravec said the change does two things.

“What it does is return people back to their lives in a shorter period of time, but protects others in that most serious window, which is 7-10 days,” he said.

The region’s hospitals remain busy treating the coronavirus. Kravec said they haven’t had to use any staffing services yet.

Not everyone going to the hospital has the virus. Others have serious conditions or emergencies, and they’re receiving the same standard of care.

“Treating with medication or admitting with observation are still determined by the emergency room physician and the team in the ER with that patient and their primary care physician,” Kravec said.

Everyone is waiting for a slowdown surrounding the virus. No one likes getting sick, and everyone wants to feel better fast. The hospitals just want you to understand the situation, so you can pick the correct place to seek help.

“Mainly, when there are other options – during the day or evening when primary care sites are open, walk-in care, urgent cares are open. Then, we would want patients to go to the right level of care they would need,” Kravec said.

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