WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Local businesspeople came out to the Trumbull Country Club Friday morning for the “Good Morning, Warren” event, a place to talk about the future of the city.

Servpro sponsored the event. The company, along with other local businesses, gave insight into their work in the coming year.

Warren Mayor Doug Franklin also gave his state of the city address. He talked about upcoming plans for the city, like putting properties back into productive use and creating jobs.

“You have to take advantage of every opportunity to let the public know, and this is certainly a targeted audience with the business community, but it’s so important to get the word out on our business plans and how we can partner in some of these areas with some of our projects that we have going on,” said Mayor Franklin.

Franklin also mentioned plans to demolish the old St. Joseph Warren Hospital and repair City Hall buildings.

Many in attendance said the event was a good way to connect.

“It’s a great opportunity to interact and network with some of the other businesses in town. Our owners are from Warren, Ohio. They live, they’ve been raised in Warren, Ohio. They work in Warren, Ohio. Our company is entrenched in the community, so it’s just a perfect fit for us,” said Jim Standohar, Servpro’s marketing director.

“If we all continue to work in our silos and our own buildings or our own organizations, then we don’t get to have ideas and thoughts sharing opportunities, and we don’t get to learn from each other,” said Michael McGiffin, the president of the Regional Chamber Foundation.