(WKBN) – The Columbiana County Board of Developmental Disabilities (CCBDD) is encouraging businesses to hire people with disabilities.

Employment services is the board’s most utilized service.

Columbiana County has a population of around 105,000 people. According to the board, around 850 people identify as having a developmental disability. Around 500 of them have jobs.

Board members say people with disabilities are some of the best employees.

“They usually have better attendance. They’re always motivated and they seem to be up,” said CCBDD Assistant Superintendent William A. Devon.

“I would encourage any employer out there who has a work shortage right now, particularly any entry-level jobs or jobs that are of a lower skill level. We’ve got a lot of people looking to work,” said CCBDD Assistant Superintendent Josh Martin.

October is National Employment Recognition for Developmental Disabilities Month. The board will be recognizing employees with disabilities throughout the month.