YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – In the two weeks since humane agents first went to a house on Early Road, they’ve rescued nearly 90 cats and they’re still not finished.

“We have been going twice a day, every day, since we started,” said Jane MacMurchy, of Animal Charity of Ohio.

This comes as workers juggle all the other cases called in from across Mahoning County. Fortunately, some of the animals are now in foster care, including through an animal rescue group from the Pittsburgh area.

“They just came up this morning and took 14 with them to their facility,” MacMurchy said.

But that still leaves dozens of cats and kittens being sheltered just about everywhere in Animal Charity’s building, including the lobby and basement. Even a restroom there has been turned into a makeshift maternity ward for all the cats and kittens that were born there after they were rescued.

Workers say this is already the largest investigation that they’ve ever handled, and with warmer weather often comes an increase in abuse cases.

“We’ll bring in 10 cats from this house during the day, and then we’ll bring in another, you know, another 10 animals from the rest of the county,” MacMurchy said.

In the meantime, workers are realizing they’ve outgrown their current facilities.

“People do not stop abusing and neglecting animals in Mahoning County, and it is getting worse, and we are going to be here to pick up all those pieces,” MacMurchy said.

Those interested in helping out and fostering the cats should go to Animal Charity’s website for information.