YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Residents on North Whitney Avenue in Youngstown have spoken out about the many issues the all-brick street has caused them.

They are fed up with the continual damage that has been done to their cars and property over the years. They say the all-brick street has caused problems for the last 40 years. Jay Tarr said his kids don’t even have a place to play.

“We don’t have any good sidewalks for the kids to play on. I’ve had to replace or have to replace my daughter’s bike because it’s all bent up,” he said.

Neighbors said that anytime work has been done on the street, the city patches parts of the road with thick concrete slabs, which they say have damaged many cars.

“Because just hitting first of all the potholes and crappy patch jobs,” Tarr said.

The concrete slabs measure about 2.25 inches.

Ed Kalosky is a handicapped resident who uses a cane. He says the sidewalks and street are a safety hazard.

“I’ve blown a tire on the street,” he said. “I had a physical therapist come, and we couldn’t even walk down the street because of the sidewalks and the street. The street is as bad as the sidewalks over here. He didn’t want to take chance on me falling.”

Kalosky said he has fallen multiple times on the sidewalk and his neighbors had to pick him up. It has even damaged one of his canes.

“It got into a groove. That groove over there. I fell down straight on my face,” he said.

Deputy Director of Public Works Chuck Shasho said he recognizes the street needs work.

“We’re going to evaluate and find some method to repair it. It’s not going to be this year because we are already into November. The plants will be shut down pretty soon, but it’s certainly something we can look at coming out of the spring,” Shasho said.