Bulge in man’s pants ends up being drugs, Youngstown police say

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Police said a bulge in Thomas Moore's pants ended up being cocaine, ecstasy and heroin

Thomas Moore, Jr., charged with possession of drugs in Youngstown.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Reports said a man pulled over Wednesday morning on Youngstown’s South Side pulled a large amount of drugs out of his pants after telling police he did not want to take them into the jail.

Thomas Moore, Jr., 47, of Kirk Road, was booked into the Mahoning County Jail on a charge of possession of cocaine, a first-degree felony; and possession of drugs, a second-degree felony, and possession of heroin. He is expected to be arraigned Friday in municipal court.

Moore was arrested about 9:25 a.m. after he was pulled over by vice squad officers on patrol in the 400 block of West Laclede Avenue after they pulled him over for a cracked windshield and a tail light violation.

Reports said Moore had a can of beer in his hand, and he allowed police to search the car. While they found nothing in the car, they took a scale out of his pants and felt another large bulge in his pants, which Moore said was part of his body.

When officers took Moore into custody for having the scale, he said he did not want to enter the jail with drugs on him. Police allowed him to reach into his pants, and he took out cocaine, a large number of ecstasy pills and two bags of heroin, according to a report.

In Ohio, the degree of felony for a drug charge is determined by weight, with the more the drugs weigh, the higher the degree of felony. A first-degree felony is the highest level felony offense in Ohio.

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