HERMITAGE, Pa. (WKBN) – Buhl Park in Hermitage hosted its 41st Buhl Day celebration in honor of Frank and Julia Buhl.

Frank Buhl was a local steel industrialist who had a passion for giving. Frank and his wife Julia began hosting community picnics in the park 106 years ago. The tradition was brought back in 1979, making Buhl Day a Labor Day tradition.

Co-chairperson Sue McLaughlin, says the Buhls’ contributions have been countless.

“They supported things like the Boys and Girls Buhl Club. Our first hospital was named after his father, Christian H. Buhl. They’ve given us the library,” said Buhl Day Co-Chairman Sue McLaughlin.

Each year, the committee nominates Buhl Day honorees who have made a local impact. City Councilman Michael Wright is one of this year’s recipients who was honored.

“You got to think of the other person more than you think of yourself. He used to say, ‘Don’t look up but make sure you are looking down because sometimes there’s somebody down there that needs your help,'” Wright said.

Vicki Lingner is a committee member and a teacher who is an honoree.

“The fact that I can represent the Buhls, Julia and Frank Buhl, which is what this whole day is about and their spirit of giving. They have a vast legacy,” Lingner said.

Honoring the Buhls is also a way for the community to come together and have one last summer hoorah.

“It’s sort of a celebration of the end of summer. Looking forward to the fall. You run into everybody. It’s amazing. I am seeing former students,” Lingner said.