Brookfield Middle School is #HornetStrong after deadly I-80 crash

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Surrounding communities continue showing support for the families of two Hickory High School students who lost their lives in a car accident on Sunday. This time, Brookfield Township is reaching out.

“Just wanting to spread that kindness and love to the students of Hickory High School,” said teacher Miriam Necastro.

A small act of kindness, with the hope of having a big impact. Students and faculty at Brookfield Middle School made a poster to show support to the Hickory community dealing with this tragic loss.

The sign says, “Warriors are #HornetStrong.”

Necastro said she knows people who were close to the victims.

“It’s terrible right now, and I dance with a couple of girls at my ballet studio from Hickory High School and they were close friends with two of the girls that passed away.”

Necastro said the accident was weighing heavily on her mind as Brookfield returned to school on Monday. She and the students decided they wanted to do a small gesture to let everyone at Hickory know they are not alone.

“The fact that us, and Sharon, and West Middlesex, and Sharpsville and all the other surrounding schools really rallied around Hickory in support is just showing how great the Shenango Valley is,” Necastro said.

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Not only does Necastro hope this will help the healing process at Hickory, she also wants
her students to learn an important lesson.

“Feeling for the human condition of other people. We’re the same age and we might not go to the same school, but we can feel things the same way,” she said.

The sign was delivered to Hickory High School on Wednesday afternoon.

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