BROOKFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Brookfield Township trustees are looking to work with Hubbard Township and Aqua Ohio to provide water for the Route 7 corridor.

Trustees wanted to speak with representatives from Aqua Ohio about the possibility of having their water service along that route.

They would also like Yankee Lake and Vienna Township to be included too.

Currently, Brookfield receives water from both Aqua Ohio and the county. Trustee Gary Lees said the township is considering moving to just one supplier.

He said the trustees are aware of Aqua Ohio’s good reputation among its customers.

“We are all three aware of their history across the state and Mahoning County in their ability to provide water and service their customers with proper piping and proper service,” Lees said.

The trustees were also joined by Vienna Township Trustee Phil Pegg and Hubbard City Mayor Ben Kyle to get their thoughts on the idea.