Brookfield Local Schools are taking the next step in cleaning innovations. 

They applied for a tool to help them keep classrooms free of germs – and got the gadget for free. 

Flu season can be rough, especially when you’re a student or teacher trying to stay on track. Brookfield local schools is taking the steps to make sure the number of days missed because of winter illness is kept to a minimum. 

“The idea is that we can proactively take on this problem so that less students are out sick, sickness isn’t spreading as quickly,” said Ryan Mirto, director of marketing for Rhiel Supply.

They’re doing so with an electrostatic disinfectant sprayer. 

“Hypochlorous acid which is the active ingredient in any bleach or chlorine product but it doesn’t have all the nasty side effects,” Mirto said.

It doesn’t just spray though – the Gen-neon solution that runs through helps you get those hard to reach spots where kids can easily pick up germs.

“What this does is it places an electrostatic charge on any liquid that’s coming out of it. What that allows for is wrapping of complex surfaces,” Mirto said.

“The problem areas and you can really hit those directly and know that you got them,” said Randy Clark, the Brookfield Local Schools maintenance supervisor.

The sprayer was at no cost to the school too. The company Rhiel Supply gave away hundreds of these to schools. All they had to do was submit an application and the sprayer was theirs. 

“Anytime you can get something donated or win, it’s great,” said Toby Gibson, the Brookfield Middle School principal.

Brookfield plans to use theirs on all classrooms, hallways and offices from k through 12, cutting down drastically on the time it takes to clean the schools. 

“I project we could probably do an entire hallway in a half hour. That’s including all the classrooms, restrooms, offices,” Clark said.

“It’s one of those things you kinda wonder why you didn’t have one sooner,” Gisbon said.