Brookfield golf course damaged by tornado thanks community for helping them reopen

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It took a team effort to get Yankee Run Golf Course back to normal after a tornado tore it up

BROOKFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – It was a week ago Sunday that two tornadoes tore up parts of Trumbull County. Hit especially hard was Yankee Run Golf Course in Brookfield.

It took five days to clean the course up. Yankee Run finally reopened on Saturday.

Co-owner Gary McMullin said he didn’t think they’d be able to reopen this soon.

As you looked down the course Monday, you could see some of the golfers warming up and preparing to hit the tees. It was a completely different scene this time last week.

“Trees uprooted, treetops ripped, the tops ripped off. It was just like a bomb had gone off over a 20-acre area,” McMullin said.

He said once you got past the first hole, that’s when you saw the real damage. McMullin said the devastation “took your breath away.”

“You see the roots of a giant tree sticking seven, eight feet up in the air. They were laying like that everywhere.”

As with any major storm, the clean-up was just about as bad as the storm.

“It was very overwhelming. Honestly, I thought we would be closed for a month when I saw how bad it was,” McMullin said.

But word spread throughout the community and people came to help the family-owned golf course clean up.

“Over the course of last week up ’til today, I would say we’ve had over a total of 200 volunteers,” McMullin said.

He said at this point, they’re almost completely cleaned up.

“There’s still stuff that’s laying down that’s out of play that has to be cleaned up, too.”

In the end, McMullin is thankful for the community and their support.

“Really great to know people out there really care,” he said.

Nearby areas were heavily damaged by the tornadoes, too.

Wood Street comes right before you get to Yankee Run Golf Course. Most has been cleaned up there, but you can still see some debris laying around.

In Warren, the Carrier Service Group’s fence is back up and they’re working to put a new roof on. The old roof that was behind the building is now gone.

Tod Avenue NW in Warren is also mostly back to normal. Some of the houses are still damaged but wires are no longer on the ground.

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