Brookfield 8th grader charged with assault explains what led up to cafeteria fight

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Aysha Gibson is still suspended from school, accused of assaulting another eighth grader on Dec. 6

MASURY, Ohio (WKBN) – An eighth grader from Brookfield Middle School accused of starting a fight is telling her side of the story that led to an assault charge.

Aysha Gibson’s mother, Mandy Long, wanted her daughter to have the chance to explain what happened that day.

“I’m not a bully. I’m not a bad person,” Gibson said.

Gibson is still suspended from school, accused of assaulting another eighth grade student in the cafeteria on Dec. 6.

The incident was recorded and sent to 27 First News anonymously.

“I was gonna go confront her but then something else happened,” Gibson said.

“She’s not a violent person or anything, I know the video shows differently but that was just a boiling point for her,” Long said.

Long said her daughter has been bullied, on top of grieving the loss of her older sister, who passed away from cancer.

“I don’t condone fighting but at the same time, when is enough, enough? There’s only so much one person can take,” Long said.

First News hasn’t been able to reach out to the other student involved in the fight. We don’t have her name and it’s removed from police reports because of her age.

Long said Gibson was initially suspended for three days but it was extended to 10 and now, there’s a recommendation for expulsion, which she plans on appealing.

“She’s an A student, she has no absentee problems, she’s missed two days this year and she’s never caused any trouble,” Long said.

“I did it to myself so I can’t be sorry for myself, but I do kinda regret it because now I have to deal with all this chaos,” Gibson said.

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