YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The city of Youngstown has been awarded $82.7 million dollars in American Rescue Plan funds. These funds are to be divided up and awarded to different departments and projects in the city.

A special review committee has been created to help make recommendations for priorities in the city. The committee is made up of two council members, several city department leaders and two independent community foundation leaders.

The committee has recognized the following initial priorities for the city:

  • Eliminating blight by demolishing at least 500 vacant homes.
  • Improving housing quality for residents.
  • Cleaning up commercial corridors.
  • Increasing fresh food access for residents.
  • Improving transit accessibility.
  • Investing in parks and youth.
  • Stabilizing the City budget.

Each month the committee reports where funds are being allocated to. Below is a breakdown of how much money has been allocated and to where, as well as how much is left.

Who is getting ARP funds in Youngstown?

Below is a breakdown of how ARP money has been allocated through August 30.

Community & Youth Crime Prevention

  • Body-worn cameras and tasers (Police dept.)
    • $1,291,989
  • Police hiring campaign (Police dept.)
    • $23,710

Neighborhood & Commercial Development

  • Vacant property demolition
    • $8 million

Public works improvements

  • Eddie/Roy/Hazelwood lead pipe replacement (Public works dept.)
    • $2,261,119
  • Virtual Servers & Licensing; Firewall & Switch (IT dept.)
    • $200,000

Parks and public facilities updates

  • Comprehensive needs (City council)
    • $10,500,000
  • Immediate needs (Parks & Rec dept.)
    • $150,000

Economic Development

  • Mahoning Valley Mobile Market (ACTION)
    • $129,000

Health & Wellness

  • Public Health Expansion – Community Health Workers (Health dept.)
    • $2,466,448
  • Health equity plan (Health dept.)
    • $150,000
  • Defibrillators for city facilities (City administration)
    • $86,475
City of Youngstown

In addition to the above breakdown, $14 million has been reserved for council members to use in their wards, $4,580,312 is going toward revenue replacement and $24,000 will go to administrative expenses.

By the end of August, $43,863,053 million had been allocated, leaving a remainder of $38,912,317.

September report

Recently, the September report was released. In the month of September, the committee reviewed economic development proposals, met with applicants, and began presenting several proposals to council.

Project proposals for ARP funds were taken between May and October of 2021. More than 80 proposals were submitted for different projects in the city. You can see all the proposals here.