Braceville residents face flooding on several roads, first responders urge caution

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In Trumbull County, last weekend’s snowstorm combined with rain earlier this week is causing flooding problems in some areas including Braceville Township.  

In Braceville several roads like Eagle Creek are impassable.

The street is flooded and covered with ice. Emergency responders are asking you pay attention to the road closed signs, meaning if you see one, turn around and don’t drive past it into the high freezing water.

Police Chief Joshua Rudesill says driving on the roads in these conditions is putting everyone including emergency responders at risk.

“The conditions are horrible. If you get wet hypothermia and everything else so you’re not just putting yourself at risk you’re putting everyone at risk by going and driving through flood waters like this,” he said.

Now, because of this flooding, several families have to stay put.

“We have a hard time getting out to get to work, she can’t go to school and so yea that’s what we deal with all the time,” said Braceville resident Denise Rowe.

County and Township road crews were using their plows to break up some of the ice on those roads.

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