Boys and Girls Club competes in film festival with video on street violence

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – As many community members call out for an end to violence, some local youths decided they wanted to do the same.

Students at the Boys and Girls Club joined in on a film competition. The mission was to create a video with meaning. They chose to bring awareness to street violence.

“I just hope I can be an impact, you know, I hope I can change a couple people’s minds — older kids, younger kids, anything. It starts with the people in the community,” said Brian Thomas.

Thomas was a main character in the short film called “My Shot.”

Edna Edmonds, unit director at Boys and Girls Club, said he and the other kids did a great job of putting the video together.

“They chose the topic, they helped write the script, they gave the ideas and we got to work. We actually made the short film in two days,” Edmonds said.

Part of the video was shot at the Boys and Girls Club, and the rest was shot at a basketball court on Glenwood. Thomas said they chose that court for a reason.

“A lot of people used to hoop at Glenwood Park until all the violence started. So, going to Glenwood Park and being able to film something like that with an environment people are known of, I feel like it was a good thing to let that be known that it’s still some good in the city,” Thomas said.

Larry Tolbert is also in the film and plays the character “Uncle Marcus.” His role is to show people that one single role model can make all the difference.

“That’s something that can be beneficial, helpful, throughout the community, nationwide, across the country, everywhere. Everybody can use a positive role model,” Tolbert said. 

The film will be displayed next Thursday at the seventh annual OK, Inc. Friends4Friends Campaign Film Festival at DeYor Performing Arts Center. 

Voting is open to the public. All you have to do is head over to Ok, Inc. YouTube page and click like on their video. One like equals one vote. Edmonds hopes the community will support their cause and go vote.

“You have to like the video on YouTube, if you see it on social media you actually have to click on the video and like it. Liking it on someone else’s Facebook post will not equal a vote,” Edmonds said.

Voting is open until the film festival begins Thursday at 7 p.m.

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