SHARON, Pa. (WKBN) — Celebrating 100 years of serving the community, Boy Scouts of America Troop 3 out of Sharon has been in the city since 1923, and they held a celebration Monday to commemorate the achievement.

In front of his fellow scouts outside First Presbyterian Church, senior patrol leader Zane Mauro led the celebration of Troop 3 being around for 100 years. He talked about the history, which started with just 13 scouts.

“We have now gone to over 20, which I think is a lot, compared to other troops around the county,” Mauro said.

To honor the achievement, two badges were awarded to the troop. The first is a smaller one, passed out to every troop that breaks the 100-year mark — the second is more specific to Troop 3’s 100 years.

To honor the moment, the troop buried a time capsule right outside of the church, and it’s meant to be opened in 50 years. It’s full of things like badges and letters written by the Scouts and scoutmaster Jill Blance.

“To think about the legacy of Scouts that have been here prior to us and the years of scouting that have been done out of the First Presbyterian Church,” Blance said. “I told a lot about myself, my family, why I got involved in Scouts, and what I’d hope for, for the Scouts of the future.”

As for Mauro — he wrote about some of his favorite memories in Boy Scouts. He offered a piece of advice for those who open up the capsule in the year 2073.

“Just another reminder to stick with Scouts, because it can change your life for the better,” Mauro said.