Boy Scout troop faces tough topics for teens during Wednesday night lecture

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CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – The dangers of cyberbullying and sexting — these sometimes can be uncomfortable topics to explain to teens. But on Wednesday, members of Boy Scout Troop 25 out of Canfield learned how dangerous they can be.

About 25 scouts sat in and listened to some of the dangers that technology brings. As a way to set it up, a simple question was asked.

“So, who this evening is willing to give me their Social Security number? Anyone?” asked James Delucia, with the Mahoning County Juvenile Court.

Granted, the question was sarcastic and meant to establish that some people share secretive information with others, such as sexually explicit photos.

“Because of all the different things that they can do with that information, with those photos, with those videos, whatever it might be,” Delucia said.

The kids learned about different times when people were bullied for any reason. Stories about young people who took their own lives from being bullied. They learned the letter of the law behind people who bully others or have sexual photos of people under the age of 18.

“Doing these types of behaviors, you could be charged with a sex offense, and being charged, like we said before, for consequences because we’re all going to have consequences for our behaviors. You could end up in the detention center,” said Sharon Fischer, with the Mahoning County Juvenile Court.

While the conversation was not meant to scare the kids, it was to warn them about things they could be facing at their age, even if the topics were heavy.

“Just before you say anything, just take into account what you think that person’s situation could be because they could be going through something you have no idea about,” said Cade Henry, a member of Troop 25.

“Think about what you do before you’re going to do it. Think about how it’s going to affect both you currently, you in the future, whether that be the next day at school or 20 years down when you’re trying to get a job,” said Emily Heino, a member of Troop 25.

The program was put on by the Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Office and the Juvenile Court.

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