(WKBN) — People locally continue to react to Friday’s Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. First News spoke with a student excited about the historic decision and a woman who’s using her frustration to take action.

Abagail Morris is a founding member of Penguins for Life, YSU’s branch of the National Pro-Life Organization Students for Life.

“I think a common misconception is that once the baby’s born we have nothing to do with it but that’s so untrue. If you’re pro-life, you want to help that baby and that mom through every single step,” said Morris.

She attends Eastern Gateway now but is still active in the club. She was even outside the Supreme Court Friday when Supreme Court Justices overturned the landmark ruling that granted women the constitutional right to abortion.

“It was so crazy. I never would have expected to be there when history was made,” said Morris.

While Morris was excited, Rebecca Norman of Warren had a completely different emotion even though she knew the outcome was a possibility.

“For me, mostly anger. It’s really infuriating but then it’s also scary,” said Norman.

She’s now turning her anger into action by organizing a march in support of reproductive rights.

The Trumbull County Democratic Party and Mahoning/Trumbull Democratic Women’s caucus have already signed on to co-sponsor the event set for July 10 on Courthouse Square.

“We need more people who are not just going to share memes on Facebook or you know just talk about it on Facebook but feet on the ground. Let’s get something done,” said Norman.

Although their opinions are polar opposites, both women say their work isn’t done yet.

“This isn’t like the end all be all. This is the first step. This is getting the ball rolling. Let’s get people involved,” said Norman.

“We just want to make sure people have the resources on their college campuses to know that they can keep their babies and be a mother and still succeed,” said Morris.