Boo Squad students make emergency buckets for Poland Union Elementary

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Three years ago, Poland mother Heather Hrina-Medvec wanted her kids to learn to volunteer. So she started the Boo Squad and Monday night in Poland they volunteered again, this time making emergency buckets just in case the school is placed on lockdown.

Poland Union Elementary Principal Mike Masucci addressed the Boo Squad, all Poland students, about their latest volunteer project.

“Flashlights and batteries and first aid kits,” said Owen Vilicka, who’s in kindergarten.

“We’re helping ourselves too,” Owen said.

Also placed in the buckets were whistles and class rosters, just in case.

“We were hoping that by putting the buckets together and be a part of that it wouldn’t be so scary if there was a lockdown situation,” Hrina-Medvec said.

Hrina-Medvec is the director and founder of the Boo Squad. Her mother came to America when she was five. She was poor and bullied.

“She instilled the value of being kind to others. That was something very important that I want to instill in my girls as a mom,” Hrina-Medvec said.

“We went Christmas caroling at the nursing home, we went to the Beatitude House, we went to the community kitchen,” 3rd grader Madison Medvec said.

They even raised enough money for a special needs child to get a motorized toy car.

“Up until about October 24 when we had our big 10 under 15 event, we had about 10-15 consistent kids. Now we’re at 30 plus. I get emails every day, ever since that event,” Hrina-Medvec said.

“When you have kids at such a young age realizing the importance of helping others, and just making their school safe, it’s just heartwarming,” Masucci said.

When they finished with the buckets they were dropped off outside each classroom. The Boo Squad is not just open to Poland students. Any student from any school is free to join.

“And I think that’s awesome. It’s a great thing, and I hope we get bigger that’s a good problem to have,” Hrina-Medvec said.

The Boo Squad is open to students ages 3 to 15. If someone is interested in joining the email address is easy to remember, it’s

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