STRUTHERS, Ohio (WKBN) – The body camera video from the officer who arrested a Mahoning County official for OVI was released.

Mahoning County Treasurer Dan Yemma was arrested Sept. 12 in Struthers after he ran a stop sign and failed a field sobriety test.

“He was all over the road,” the officer said in the recording.

In the video, Yemma appears to be slurring his words and unsteady. At one point he asks, “Can I just go home?”

The officer said, “No.”

The officer asks Yemma several times if he had been drinking, but Yemma said that he had not.

Officer: “You seem like a very nice guy.”
Yemma: “I am. I am not a bad guy.”
Officer: “I don’t presume that you are a bad guy. I am gonna ask you one final time. How much did you have to drink tonight?”
Yemma: “Not a lot.”
Officer: “How much is not a lot?”
Yemma: “Nothing”

Yemma entered a not guilty plea in Struthers Municipal Court. Further proceedings will be heard by a visiting judge.