WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Body piercings are one step closer to being allowed in Warren. On Wednesday, the city’s health department approved the recommendation. They also added a few items to the resolution because they say it will protect the public.

The Warren City Health Department met on Wednesday to discuss whether or not performing body piercings should be allowed in the city. As of now, they are not. The board of health says they do not see a problem with it, with some changes.

“It was unanimous that we needed a little more language as far as training,” said John May, deputy director of the Warren City Board of Health.

Right now, tattoo artists and piercers already have to go through training mandated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. But the city wanted more training for their resolution.

“Maybe we want to add some continuing education requirements to protect the public,” said Charles Ohlin with the Warren City Board of Health.

Back in 2001, the ordinance was passed that no person shall operate a business within the city that offers body piercing services. The only exceptions are for medical purposes or when using an ear-piercing gun.

“I feel as time evolves, time brings about change. Warren City had a prohibition on piercing for a number of years and with the business expanding in the body art world, we felt it was time to revisit it,” May said.

Warren City is using the same standard of required training that Mahoning County uses.

If the resolution changes, this could open up the door for new business and an economic impact.

“I don’t know if it’s going to be an overwhelming impact but there is tax base there. Individuals that work in the city pay taxes. Time will tell,” May said.

Even though the vote did pass, it must now go in front of Warren City Council for their next meeting on July 26.