Warning: This report and video contain allegations and descriptions of animal abuse.

ELLSWORTH TWP., Ohio (WKBN) – We’re learning more about an incident earlier this month involving a man whose goats got out of their pen in Ellsworth Township.

New body camera video from the sheriff’s office shows the conditions the animals were living in when deputies were called to his property.

Robert Stare answered the door at his property on Akron-Canfield Road for Mahoning County sheriff’s deputies earlier this month following calls that his goats were stuck in his electric fence.

Deputy: “Got a call you got a couple goats that are stuck on the fence line over there, said it’s been stuck there a little bit.”

As the deputy walked around the property, he found the goats badly tangled. A witness told deputies they had been there for hours.

Officer: “How long do you think this one’s been stuck in here?”
Witness: “Two hours.”
Officer: “Two hours?”

Then, Stare and the witness tried cutting the goat out of the fence.

Witness: “It’s choking itself to death.”
Stare: “Will you just give them to me, please?”

According to police, Stare has been cited twice in the last month. The first time was when his goats got out and damaged his neighbor’s property.

Body camera footage shows dozens of goats wandering around as deputies try to get them back into their pens.

Deputy: “Come on, let’s go.”

The witness told the deputies he has seen at least 50 goats caught in the fence and left unattended and even found one dead.

Witness: “I told my wife I was just going to come cut it because at what point does this become animal abuse?”

The body camera footage shows Stare catching the goats and tossing them back into their pens.

Witness: “This is not the right kind of fencing.”
Officer: “You can see, they’re going to keep getting stuck in this.”
Witness: “Yeah, because they’re hungry and trying to get the grass.”

Stare has pleaded not guilty to several animal abuse charges. He’s due back in court next month with proof that he’s properly taking care of his animals.