AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — On Monday, First News received the bodycam footage from last week’s standoff at the Westchester Square apartment complex.

On Monday, July 18, Austintown police were called to the apartment to complete a wellness check on Imonie Hackett, 31. The call resulted in a 19-hour long standoff that ended with her being shot by an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper.

The standoff began just after 9 p.m.

With body cameras rolling, you can see the officers walking into the complex and down the hall.

There, Patrol Officer Jason Murzda and two other officers first make contact with Hackett.

HACKETT: Hi, Hi, who are you?
OFFICER: We’re the police.
HACKETT: You’re not the police.
OFFICER: Yeah, are you alright?
HACKETT: What do you mean am I alright? I’m changing my locks.
OFFICER: I know, but you just said we’re not the police.

Officers continued talking with Hackett, asking if she was OK. She told them there are people from Chicago watching her.

HACKETT: So what is the problem, what is the issue, sir?
OFFICER: There’s no issue, we’re just coming to check your house.
HACKETT: You don’t need to check my house.
OFFICER: Are you OK?
HACKETT: What you mean, “Am I OK”? Yeah, I’m OK. I got friends that’s watching, so [they’re] probably outside, too.

Murzda asked if she has a gun near her.

OFFICER: Do you have a gun near you?
HACKETT: No, yes, no.
OFFICER: Where is it at?
OFFICER: Well, I see bullets laying on the floor, that is why I’m asking.
HACKETT: I’m allowed to carry.
OFFICER: Yeah, I know, you’re allowed.
HACKETT: What is the issue? But y’all worried about me, that is for my safety, just in case someone comes after me.

As the conversation continues Hackett appears to get more agitated with the officers.

HACKETT: So, what do you guys want from me?
OFFICERS: We just wanted to make sure you’re OK, you are talking.
HACKETT: I’m not talking.

Murzda then tried to talk to Hackett’s 9-year-old son, who was sitting next to her in the apartment.

OFFICER: You are all right, man?
BOY: You shouldn’t worry about me.
OFFICER: Is this odd behavior for your mom?
BOY: No.
OFFICER: She acts like this all the time?
HACKETT: What do you want from me?
OFFICER: Did she act like this all the time?
BOY: No.
OFFICER: Do you think something is wrong with her?
BOY: No.
OFFICER: You don’t?
HACKETT: Y’all not about to get my son.

As the talks continued, Hackett slammed the door on the officers. As the camera turned, you could hear Hackett getting closer.

Officers said when she came back out of her apartment, she had a gun.

OFFICER: You better drop the gun!
HACKETT: You better leave me alone.
OFFICER: Drop the gun!
HACKETT: No, leave me alone.
OFFICER: You better drop the gun!

As the minutes passed, Hackett went back into her apartment. Officers started quickly evacuating the building.

In the meantime, hostage negotiators and backup crews began arriving, and some officers started to put up shields.

OFFICER: Imonie, we are out here, I just need you to put the gun down and step outside the door.

Nearly 20 hours later, the standoff ended with someone from the Ohio State Highway Patrol SWAT team shooting Hackett.

Hackett was hospitalized.

Before that Hackett streamed a brief Facebook Live.

She’s now facing a number of charges, including inducing panic and child endangering.

Hackett’s mother told police she had recently been released from a mental hospital.