BEAVER TWP., Ohio (WKBN) – On Tuesday, 35-year-old Zachary Crespo, of Austintown, made his first appearance in court and was not required to enter a plea. But before Crespo’s appearance, police videos of his arrest, along with 911 calls, were released. Together, they better explained what happened last Friday night between Crespo, a woman and police.

Crespo appeared Tuesday afternoon by video in Canfield Court. Among his charges is assaulting a Beaver Township policeman, who’s out of the hospital and said to be doing well.

Crespo has appeared previously before Judge Molly Johnson, who at the time appointed him an attorney. She asked if his financial circumstances had changed.

“Hey, your honor. It hasn’t gotten better, that’s the truth,” Crespo said.

The complaint filed with the court described Crespo’s criminal history as lengthy, and includes crimes of violence.

Early Saturday morning, body camera video from the Ohio State Highway Patrol of Crespo’s arrest shows him daring police to shoot him. Eventually, they did, but with a stun gun. The video shows Crespo with his hands up but refusing orders to turn around. During several instances, Crespo screams profanities at officers who were on the scene.

Crespo’s arrest began three hours earlier at a house on Old Hickory Court, south of North Lima. It involved a domestic dispute between Crespo and a woman, who told a 911 dispatcher that he was her ex-boyfriend. She said Crespo was at her family’s house, breaking windows. You can hear her screaming at Crespo to leave while a child is crying in the background.

Victim: “Give me the knife.”
Crespo: “If I give you the knife, are you going to tell them to back off?”
Victim: “If you [expletive] leave.”
Crespo: “I will leave. Tell them to leave.”
Victim: “After you’re gone. Go, go. Be gone.”

“I can only imagine how she is to feel at this point in time,” Judge Johnson said.

In court, Prosecutor Katherine Jones asked that Crespo’s blood be tested for venereal disease or HIV in connection with the assault of the policeman.

“The manner in which some of the victim’s wounds may have been inflicted, if the defendant is carrying a disease that could then have been passed on to the victim,” Jones said.

Judge Johnson said she would rule on the blood test at a later date. She set Crespo’s bond at $300,000.

He also is ordered not to have any contact with the mother of his children, which prompted a question from Crespo.

“So are my children still listed under this protection order or is it strictly for her?” Crespo asked.

He was told by his lawyer, Kristina Klecha, that his children are not covered under the order — he can still talk with them.

A preliminary hearing has been set for Crespo for 9 a.m. on Friday.

Lorie Barber, Chelsea Simeon and Gerry Ricciutti contributed to this report.