Boating, biking, trails and more make Lake Milton a Memorial Day Weekend destination

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Lake Milton State Park has plenty to offer

LAKE MILTON, Ohio (WKBN) – Lake Milton State Park is open year-round, but this weekend is the big start to summer.

The park has plenty to offer. The water plays a big part, and fishermen hope to catch the “big one.”

Jet skis will be carving on the water as well as boaters, and swimmers will enjoy the 600-foot beach.

‘Our beach is open. We’re prepared for that. We have buoys on the lake, and our trails and picnic shelters are open,” said Lake Milton State Park Manager John Trevelline.

The shoreline is a great place to watch the waterfowl and shorebirds.

Bill Mickey is ready to zip along the Mountain Bike Trail. A 10.5 mile dirt and natural surface trail.

“It’s incredible the amount of people that come now to ride the mountain bike trails. We have visitors every day. Certainly, this weekend will be a busy weekend,” Mickey said.

Mickey leads the Rust Belt Revival Trail Coalition. That group is proud to invest about 1,000 hours to maintain the trail, including getting it ready for this big weekend.

“We are trimming the weeds that are growing. We are trimming the trees that have fallen across the trail, fixing and maintaining areas that are wet and need rerouted,” Mickey said.

The park has a lot of great activities going on and plenty of amenities around like restaurants, wineries and golf. There’s a variety of things people can do, but Trevelline believes there is one thing that everyone should do.

“We know that everybody is under some degree of stress right now and just be patient and play with one another,” he said.

The park is ready for summer. Visitors should pack in, pack out and clean up after themselves. It’s a reminder because some of the people enjoying Lake Milton State Park may be a little bit newer.

“If there is something that came out of this past year, we had a lot of new people that got exposed to not just Ohio state parks but parks in general. They got out and about and saw how great they are, and I expect a lot of people to continue to come this year,” Trevelline said.

Just a reminder, the park is free. Ohio does not charge entrance fees to state parks.

Later this summer, Lake Milton State Park is adding a disc golf course.

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